Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because of Payton

Payton is 6! He walked into our room yesterday (On the 15th) at 6:45 and crawled into bed with us. I said, "Happy Birthday Pater!" and he responded, "You are kidding me, it had completely slipped my mind." I started telling Payton his birth story and mentioned that the day he was born was the first 100 degree day of 2002. He looked at me and said, "I will tell you one thing, you can be sure I never saw that coming."

My word we love that boy!

Because of Payton we have learned life is way more fun with his commentary.

Because of Payton we have seen that his cousins are worth screaming and jumping up and down over every time we mention the slightest chance we might see them.

Because of Payton we have learned that someone actaully can have nightmares about Veggietales. He is still frightened by extremly large cucumbers.

Because of Payton we have had to remind him that even though he can tell time does not mean that his parents, grandparents, teachers, etc...want a running account of how many minutes they are running behind.

Because of Payton I am still asked everytime we pull in Starbucks, "Does dad know about this?"

Because of Payton, I have actually heard the words, "Let's go someplace that has vegetables...I know I have eaten enough sweets to last me a month."

Because of Payton if I ever wander across the aisle at Walmart to get something I hear, "Excuse me, are you leaving us unattended because this basket specifically says DO NOT leave your children unattended."

Because of Payton and examples like the one above...I get lots of smile as we grocery shop.

Because of Payton I am well aware anytime we encounter a smell that is not good. We are working on NOT trying to figure out the source as this can become embaressing when strangers are around.

Because of Payton we see daily a tender hearted little boy who really does think through everything!

Because of Payton Tony and I feel completely loved...He is our encourager and is always expressing his love for us.

Because of Payton our life is overflowing with more and more of every good thing. 6 years ago we walked into a hospital with no idea what it meant to be parents. When they released us from the hospital Tony looked at me and said, "They are not just going to let us leave with him are they? Isn't there more they should tell us before we take him home?" Tony drove 20 mph the whole way home (on the highway) and I cried the entire drive wondering how we were going to make it. Payton has taught us so much...We have enjoyed almost all of it. :) His life and the deep desire we feel to raise him in a way that honors the Lord calls us to our knees time and time again. We are beside ourselves with thankfulness that he is ours...Line up every 6 year old in the world and we are going to search until we find him...Of course we will just have to look for the part of the line that is a little more organized than the rest and he will be there. May the Lord continue to grow and develop this boy...May every dream He had in mind when he created him come true! We love him so!


jaime s said...

Happy Birthday, Payton! You are growing up so fast! I hope you enjoyed your special day!

Kelly said...

What a sweet and funny boy.

Kelly Vaughn said...

Pate..we love you SO much!! I love that everyday we can actually try to figure out a way to see you...Timo is always ready to go somewhere if he knows that you will be there! Happy Happy Birthday!

Jan Kelley said...

Payton and Benjamin bless my life everytime i am around fills my soul whenever i ma around the brooks boys ....because it rapidly oozes from them .....i enjoy watching you and Tony as you enjoy your children, disiplin them and find the joy in the funny times....God has blessed you all , He has definitely blessed this world by His creation of these two very special little boys......i love you all...jk

Alyssa said...

What a wonderful post about your adorable son- he lights up all of our lives! Happy Birthday Payton!

amber dayton said...

Sweet Payton! I can never read a post with Payton quotes without laughing out loud. God has such big plans for both of your precious boys Becky!

Emiley said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We sure love you!