Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's July?!

I am overwhelmed that July is here...Where does the time go? We are 7 weeks away from Eden's due date, 8 weeks away from Payton starting school, 9 weeks away from me being locked in a padded room somewhere.:)

We are enjoying every moment of togetherness we can get our hands on...and loving every minute of it! Here are some stories I am wanting to remember...

1. I am moving slower these days. The other day we were late to church and Payton's teacher said, "Are you guys running behind?" Payton replied, "My mom is as cute as a bug, but as slow as a turtle these days."

2. The other day Payton wanted to know how you get your last name...I was explaining how boys carry on their family name and girls often take the last name of the man they marry. Payton responded with, "I have no idea who I want to marry." I reassured him he had a good many years before he even needed to consider that. Benjamin said, "I know exactly who I am going to marry." We asked him who and with the sweetest smile he said, "My mom." Payton then said, "OH benjamin, that is so embaressing, mom is so much taller than you."

3. The other day I got the boys both a cheesestick for a snack. Payton said we sing about these at church...puzzled I said, "What?" He started singing (To the tune of Shout to the Lord) "My cheesestick, My savior" Ummm...we are still working on basic theology over here.

4. One of our friends gave Eden a swimsuit. Benjamin was very concerned about how she would get it off to go to the bathroom. I explained that she would wear a diaper under it and she would just go to the bathroom in that. He sat there for a second and said, "I am sitting here waiting for you to tell me you're kidding. That's disgusting."

5. In what could be an entirely different post, our house was on the market, got a full price offer and then we took it off the market...(we both felt our timing was off, sometimes you don't realize you are pushing yourself until you get to the edge of the cliff)...However, during the time it was in process we were looking at a bunch of different houses...Payton one day told us that we needed to be sure our next house had 5 bedrooms. When we asked why He said, "Because Benjamin and I don't want to share a room anymore and I am betting you and dad don't either."

6. The boys (for some reason) love the thought of Dairy Queen though we do not frequent it. I told them we could eat breakfast there after I noticed it opened at 8 AM. We got up and went and they do not even have a breakfast menu, they do not even serve juice. However you can get the full belt/hunger buster menu in the AM...we were happy to get this picture, enjoy drink and head to McDonalds.

7. Last week we finished our summer swim lessons...Both boys made huge strides. Payton, ever our cautious insurance adjuster (He evaluates and calculates risk before entering any unknown) is now doing quite well. Benjamin is still working on "Get the wall"(My goal for him was just to be able to get out if and when he falls in, which occurs almost everytime we are around a pool) and he is doing better. We are crazy over Ms. Jody...and all of our friends that took with us. Such a fun time of watching hte kids interact and having some sweet time with my friends.

8. Totally unrelated to my family...but how long can Dippin Dots say its the ice cream of the future? They came out with that stuff while I was in college 11 years ago...The future has arrived and it is not Dippin Dots.

9. This Thursday, the 3rd, my sisters family will have been home a full year from Benin. It has been a year of adjustments and victories for their family. They have done great. Here's to the next year being even better!


My dearest friend BJ made this wreath for Eden's baby shower/to hang on the hospital room door. I find myself staring at it several times a day, praying for this sweet baby girl who we cannot wait to meet.

I hope to do a better job of documenting in the coming weeks...We have Benjamin's birthday on the 10th, Payton's on the 15th...a month full of celebrations. I am so thankful for this season of anticipation in our life.


Jenny Wims said...

Payton is such a hoot! I just love reading stories about the things that he has told you this week. SO FUNNY!

Oh, how I have missed reading the blogs of friends. I had such limited time on the internet in Germany...it is so nice to be back and have the opportunity to catch up!

Sarah B said...

I so enjoy reading your stories. Tonight I'm with my parents and you have them chuckling, too. I know everyday is not always sunny, but I thank you for finding the silver linings.

vicki said...

Glad you have had the opp to post again...I sense a slowdown coming mid August and I for one will really miss your musings on life with the Brooks Brothers Comedy Team. Does Pate know how to type yet? maybe he'll sub for you when Eden arrives...just for a little while...don't want you gone too long, because your thoughts are too special not to share with us! Love you lots!! Aunt VG

Courtney said...

Oh, your boys are so hysterical. Can't believe you are already so close to Eden's arrival! I always think about your boys around their birthdays because mine falls right with theirs (the 9th). Levi may join the three of us - who knows?!

Kelly said...

Love the update, and the Dippin Dots comment cracked me up. So true!

What a fun season of anticipation for your family...enjoy!

PS: Thank you for your very sweet comments on the blog re: Tate. :)

Jill said...

That wreath is fantastic! What a sweet thing for a friend to make you. As always, your boys make me laugh out loud and then I have to share their stories with Tim so he can enjoy them too. As much as I love reading your blog, I wish you lived just a bit closer to McKinney because I would just love spending a day with you!! Maybe Mindy could come in from Abilene and we could all meet up sometime?!

pastorkes said...

you could post nothing but daily quotes from payton and benjamin. #4 may be my personal favorite.

CNS said...

Seriously...you have the funniest kids. I love reading what they have to say.

We are so excited for your family and we are praying for Eden's safe arrival.

Shelly said...

Nothing like some Brooks boys' comic relief. : ) Sure missed swimming lessons w/ you guys this summer. Glad to hear they did so well! Can't wait to meet sweet little Eden! Not much longer! love you--

Beverly Ross said...

I met you last month at Richland Hills but feel like I have know you much longer - from all the sharing your precious Mom has done! You are a blessing to many, my new friend! I love your blog! BTW: how old is God? or at least, what did you say?

Laurie said...

What a beautiful name for a new beautiful baby girl on your way!!

Looking forward to seeing more of your family on your blog! Can I add you as a link off of mine!?

Giggi said...

I'm so glad you remember & share all the great things your boys say! Your blog brightens my day whenever I look at it! God bless you guys!