Friday, October 20, 2006

Current events

1. Last weekend was ACU homecoming and my 10 year reunion. It was a wonderful time of being with old friends. As we sang the "Lord Bless you and Keep You" I was overwhelmed with emotion...the Lord has been so much more than gracious in the past 10 years. Ten years ago I would of never thought I would have the marriage I have, the children I have, the friends I have, the life I have...all due to His mercy and grace...I talk to so many college students who wonder if life can get any better than college...Last weekend I thought a lot about how much I loved my time at ACU, it was an incredible season- but I love the season I am in and have no reason to believe I won't love the next one even more! Even the difficulties we have faced have been faced holding His hand...He is an awesome God and I for one am so glad He does not allow ones life to peak at age 21- it keeps going up!

2. We have been around cousins more than ever lately and we have loved it. As a result Payton and Benjamin have started refering to their dad as Uncle Tony. The other day Payton told a man at Walmart, "Hey do you know my Uncle Tony? Well he's my dad." The man looked at me and made a strange face. We have since started telling Payton he must refer to his dad by his normal name, to which Payton responded, "OK, I will call him Babe."

3. I took a personality test most dominant that of an Introvert.

4. Benjamin is still a terrible eater as in he rarely eats...It is amazing to us that he continues to thrive. He is 33 lbs. , so he is bitesized compared to his brother who was 45 pounds at 2...but 33 lbs. is still amazing considering that today for lunch he ate a whole cashew.

5. 2 weeks ago Tony and I went for late night drive at the ranch to see if we could find the herd of wild hogs that have been tearing up some of the land. On the way back I got out to open the gate and told Tony to go ahead and pull through to the barn, I would just walk...the moon was out, the stars were beautiful and it is not a long walk at all. As I was walking I heard the familiar sound of a rattler...right between my feet. Every book tells you to stand still, a rattlesnake will not strike you if you are perfectly still. That sounds good in theory...I chose to jump and scream. Tony "took care of the snake" using a shovel. My adrenaline rush was over the top, Tony was cool as a cucumber...I married a brave man.

6. From birth I have always told Payton, "I love that body." or "I love that heart." Last night I used the I love that body phrase and he responded with, "I love your big, huge body too." Uhhh...thanks Pate.

7. Benjamin is not potty trained but he is grass trained. No problems pulling off his diaper and going to the bathroom in any patch of grass...he is however, terrified of white porcelein. We will continue to wear diapers; using the tiny medians of grass in Target's parking lot is completely unacceptable in our society.

8. Did I ever mention Nika won Teacher of the Year for the entire state of Texas? It has been the thrill of a lifetime to watch her be honored everywhere we go. We head to Austin next week to watch her give her acceptance speech.

9. I currently see my chiropractor 3 times a week...If I did all of the rehab he suggested it would be a full time case he should ever stumble upon this blog...I do about half of it and I feel good about that.

10. The Lord is moving in exciting ways in alot of different places. We love hearing about them all. So amazing to me that He is so very intimate with millions, even billions. I used to feel envious when I would hear about Him doing great things in other peoples lives, in other peoples churches...Embaressing to admit- but I was selfish, jealous, and prideful with the Creator of the Universe...then He reminded me in countless ways that I am not here on this earth for me, but for Him...that His kingdom may advance and His glory may be shown. So- may it be shown through everyone, may His kingdom continue to advance in places I have never heard about, may millions be raised up that proclaim Who He is in the midst of this life. I have been humbled to realize that He is the only essential...not talent, not money, not earthly things...May He be lifted up, that the world might know the heighth and depth of His great love.


Shelly said...

Amen to #10! I love your heart! :) Miss you!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the update! I love hearing your perspective, as always, and what God is doing in your family.

Julia said...

May I just say that I am daily honored to call you friend! Not only do you make me crack up laughing, but you challenge me to dig deeper in my faith. You are precious to me!