Monday, October 30, 2006

Road Trip!

This weekend I had the thrill of driving to Austin to watch Nika receive her Texas Teacher of the Year award and give her acceptance speech. Such an absolute thrill to listen to her every word and then watch people swarm her after it was over...all wanting to tell her congrats and how her words had touched them...There is so much joy in watching the Lord lift people up!

I also realized there is no gift to me like time alone in the car. I was giddy to get up at 5 AM and hit the road. As I drove down 35 I had thoughts I have not had in years...Usually I am focused on the boys, on Tony, on any number of things but on Saturday I was able to take in the sunrise, take in how much I really enjoyed Starbucks, take in how much I really love my husband, our boys, my friends...I was able to to not just pray...but feel like I was in a conversation with the Lord...and something about that made me feel young again. I came home refreshed and in someways changed...New thoughts in my mind and a new song in my heart. I am starting this week more alive in my life than I have been in awhile! It feels great!


Chesley said...

Becky- This is very random but I just have to tell you that you are SO photogenic! Every picture I have ever seen of you you have this big beautifil smile and bright eyes. You always look so truly happy! You can tell that the Lord is in your life and blessing you. It radiates from your face!
I am so glad you had a great road trip.

msajeffrey said...

You are a deep true friend.

I love your thoughts on time alone. I know the feeling of being almost desperate to get it...God is faithful to give us the hunger to be alone with Him...may you always be faithful to His call!

Kendra said...

I can agree with the thoughts about being alone in the car! Precious time that the Lord gives where you are trapped, and I love it! I left last Wednesday and claimed some "alone time" before Donny left town . . .all it took was 5 mintues in the car and one good praise song pumped up loud and I was feeling like a much better Kendra! So glad you were able to be there with Nika - I sure do love her testimony!

Anonymous said...

Hey B,

First: Go Nika!

Second: People always feel sorry for me because I spend so much time on the road for my job. But I agree! That alone time can be such a blessing!

Even a couple of weekends ago I was on my bike out past Mineral Wells in the middle of some gorgeous countryside. I felt the urge to stop and just take it in for a second.

It was as if I could hear God saying, "Be still just for a moment and know that I created all this."

Good stuff!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Always so fun to read your thoughts! I will agree with how beautiful you are!! I will also agree with the refreshment that comes from uh..time alone...lots of week down in Benin, a little more than 2 to go!! Who knows what I'll be like when Randy and the kids get back?

No mention of the 4 wonderful phone calls to Benin on your roundtrip to Austin....that sure was fun! That reminds me, it has been 2 days and I haven't heard from you...what are you doing with your time?

Love you so are a deep true friend and you are mine...and to many others too!