Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Randy is here!

Everyone was so glad to see Randy! So great to welcome this mighty man of God home to recharge and refresh so He can go back to Benin and finish strong! The whole family will return to America in May of '07! The Lord has been so good through the years...Many of you will be greeted in heaven by your Aja brothers and sisters...a precious group of people who have claimed Jesus as their Savior because Kelly and Randy (and many others) said yes when the The Lord called! (...and many of you said yes when He asked can you contribute to getting them there and praying for them.)

The boys were a lot more excited to be there than this picture reflects.Payton had just figured out that we were not in fact getting on an airplane and was terribly disappointed.

Randy walked through the doors and all of his nephews ran to greet him. They were so excited. I love it that Payton is literally on the toes of his boots. The boy knows how to throw himself into a hug! Such a great delight to watch my brother-in-law walk through the doors. We had a wonderful time with my sister and now we get to have a wonderful time with Randy! (they are having to alternate due to the fact that Lael's adoption is still not official...Lael still cannot leave the country...) Please continue to pray for my sister as she goes through the next few weeks alone with her 2 youngest kids...and if you should so desire to email her to encourage her- her address is:

Go ahead and share the details of your life...She has time to read it! :)


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I am SO HAPPY to see these!!! Thank you so much for sharing them. It thrills my heart to know the joy and refreshment that is meeting Randy at every step!! What great pictures and what a wonderful feeling I know it had to be for him to be so lovingly welcomed by those 4 boys!!!
Love you Beck!!
Thanks for encouragement that you are inviting my way!
Time is certainly something I have! I have already finished my first book..more on that later!


vicki said...

Hey, Beck, thanks for the prompt post. The photos are great of everyone and I have already sent my encouragement note to KV! Love from Aunt V

Summer said...

I am still inspired and humbled by the work of the Vaughns in Africa. Chad and I check in with them periodically, and maybe one of these days we'll meet. We are praying about the possibilty of assisting with a medical mission trip to Africa in the next year or so. Thanks for sharing. We'll continue to pray for Lael's adoption. Good to hear from you!