Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What a Great Day!

5 years ago today,October 31, 2001, I went in for my annual exam...(I know, that's not usually a good start to a blog entry.) I told my Dr. that we might want run blood work, check my spleen, etc...to see if my mono (I have had the chronic kind since high school) was acting up. I was exhausted and not being able to get enough sleep, I felt weak, nauseated, etc...they ran blood work and my Dr. walked back in the room about 45 minutes later with a smile on her face and said..."You're pregnant." I was beside myself. I do not think I heard another word the rest of the appointment. I remember her figuring out our due date was July 4th. I drove over to Tony's work and shared the news with him...we were both so excited, so stunned, so thrilled. Payton was born July 15, 2002. The thrill of a lifetime!

Fast forward 2 years...October 31, 2003. I wake up nauseated and sick...I think I have a virus. But by lunch I am not sick anymore. Surely not...We have a 15 month old and have not even started talking about the possibility of another baby. Yet the Lord in His goodness, see's a need and meets it before we even know to ask. On a whim I take a pregnancy test and see the famous 2 pink lines immediately. Tony and I are excited, thrilled, and stunned. Our due date is July 15, 2004. Benjamin is born July 10th...the thrill of a lifetime!

These tigers bring unending joy to their family! Here are a few of their latest hits...

1. Payton has started wearing boxers...for whatever reason he thinks this is the coolest. He does not understand that boxers are considered underwear. Hence him walkingup to a group of ladies at church and saying with a huge smile, "I'm not wearing any underwear!"

2. Benjamin's new favorite phrase is , "Pease don't say dat." He uses it with different tones, inflections and dramatic flair.

Have the happiest of days!


Courtney said...

What a precious day this has become to you! It's so much fun to celebrate God's gifts and surprises and remember what He's done. Enjoy!

Chelsea said...

Wow...Halloween will always have a whole different meaning to you! That is completely crazy that you had the same experience TWICE with your sweet boys...and on the same day! What a fun story. :) Y'all have a great day celebrating!!

Chesley said...

I LOVE it!!! How are you feeling this Halloween? :) That is so neat that your boys share those special dates.

Murray & Jaime said...

I never knew you found out on the same day with each one! How fun!

Great talking to you last night!

Congrats to Nika for us!! Hope we can see her on her trip up to D.C. to meet the Prez!!!